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Curlene C. Nelson:In 1995 her mother, Claudia Mapp, was diagnoses with dementia and shortly afterwards Alzheimer. In the later stages of her mom’s illness she visited with her every Sunday after church. Curlene would remove her pumps then carefully crawl into her mother’s bed to lay with her. Sometimes her mom would place her thin feeble hands on Curlene’s head, whereby, she would, many times, fall asleep.

On those rare occasions when Curlene didn’t sleep she would remember how vibrant this woman, her mother was. That’s when she would also reflect on all the good things her mom had done for her family and community. Claudia had raised eleven children and helped in the rearing of over seventy five grand children, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Many people still sing praises for the things Claudia was able to accomplish but she passed without being fully recognized for what she had done.

After the death of Curlene’s mom, she vowed to have all unsung mothers publicly recognize. Her goal is to recognize as many mothers as she can in remembrance of her own mom and friend, Claudia.
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